WiFi Network Optimization for Healthcare

WiFi Network Optimization for Healthcare

An optimized wireless network may be a mission-critical resource for each aid facility. Myriad items of health technology currently hook up with the Wi-Fi providing period updates and unjust insights health professionals use to spot specific health risks and improve care coordination.

In addition, electronic health records (EHRs) are accessed via the Wi-Fi, solutions like telemedicine rely upon the Wi-Fi, and also the list goes on. aid professionals, executives and directors understand the advantages and frustrations once the network doesn’t work because it should. To stay networks running swimmingly and efficiently, use the following pointers for network optimization.

Update Site Survey

When your network was 1st designed and deployed, your facility most likely underwent a web site survey.

This survey determined precisely wherever access points (APs) required to be placed for optimum network performance. Physical obstructions like walls and ceilings, also as wired/wireless interference from things like microwaves or neighboring networks can greatly inhibit the strength of a wireless local area network signal. 

A site survey tells you ways best to avoid those issues, that is great, however you need to keep in mind that network ecosystems are continuously changing. New devices are perpetually supplementary or moved, and buildings can endure renovations. All of this will mean your network style has to be updated.

You will schedule another web site survey or work with an analytics platform that’ll offer knowledge on the signal strength of each AP on the network. This info is utilized by IT professionals to watch coverage and verify if one thing needs to change.

Upgrade Your Devices

A general rule of thumb is devices have to be compelled to be upgraded each three to five years. For the most effective come on investment, use historical analytics to match network health and network demands over time to form the best selections concerning upgrades and infrastructure changes.

Finding out these analytics can provide personnel the data required to make the foremost economical and effective budget and capability coming up with decisions.

Prioritize Network Traffic

Not all users in network are created the same. Imagine, any device that directly contributes to patient health ought to have network priority over a tool being employed to play a game.

By configuring your router’s Quality of Service (QoS) Rules, you’ll make sure the most significant applications, services and/or users get the foremost bandwidth. this may be as broad as prioritizing one network over another – to try and do this, 1st relegate all not-as-important traffic to a guest network – otherwise you can build it even a lot of specific.

completely different routers have different code and QoS capabilities, therefore confirm specific settings by checking along with your vendor.

Get 100% network visibility

As mentioned, network ecosystems are perpetually changing. They contains eachthing from connected devices, to backend and front-end infrastructure, to the complete frequence (RF) environment.

If anybody a part of the network degrades, it can have an effect on the entire ecosystem. the sole thanks to recognize precisely what’s going on, and so to confirm productive drawback prevention, identification and resolution, is with 100 percent network visibility.

Today, you’ll attain that with completely different WiFi assurance platforms. explore for a platform that identifies every connected device – together with visitors’ devices – and acknowledges traditional vs. abnormal network behavior. If something abnormal happens, the platform ought to alert IT immediately.

Remember, once it involves optimizing a network, the secret’s to be as proactive as possible.

Run Scheduled Network Tests

Scheduling network take a look ats to run each day, week or month suggests that there are way less doubtless to be any “surprises” that’ll cause network degradation and cause a loss in vital information and life-saving technology. Some testing tools and analytic platforms provide remote testing, which might be useful once IT personnel aren’t continually onsite.

You’ll be able to conjointly explore for an answer that’ll hook up with the network as a consumer device, as this ensures test results specifically mimic the expertise of the other device connected to the network. In addition, you wish one thing that may mechanically report all test results and alert IT in period of time if any take a look at fails.

An optimized network systematically and faithfully provides the sturdy wireless service required to support several aid facilities today. Follow the following tips and work proactively to create positive that your network isn’t solely optimized for today’s use however remains optimized into the future.


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